About me

Degree in scenography, he currently lives and works in Rome.
His art is inspired by the dreamlike nature is not landscape painting, but a lyrical vision of mind in which the paint is thick and forms in the foreground at times become a major shadow with its painted stucco and scope plane of the canvas.
The nature that leans toward the viewer is actually an invitation to enter this surreal place, to turn away quietly inside, to discover them and get lost, as a break in Zen meditation, away from the noise and stress.
Its numerous exhibitions both in Italy, including Rome, Naples, Florence, Turin, Aversa, Trieste, Civitavecchia, Sassari, Taormina, Varallo Sesia, Rimini;
and abroad, including Helsinki, Beijing, Slovenia, Croatia, several times in Paris to 'Art Shopping at the Carrousel du Louvre and the international art fair in Hangzhou and Beijing in China.
In Rome he exhibited several times at institutional structures such as the Palazzo Valentini, Museum of Villa Vecchia, Cascina Farsetti, selected by the city of Rome for the cover of the magazine Institution "Eur".

Fino all'ultimo sguardo

Exibithion of


Gallery Spaziottagoni Trastevere
Via Goffredo Mameli, 9, 00153 Rome
23 to 30 September 2011
from 17:30 to 19:30 Free entry
Vernissage September 23 18 hours


The Eur journal publishes the artist Angelo Ribezzi

EUR is the official magazine of EUR SpA, the city of Rome and the Ministry of Economics.
In the January / February cover is a picture of Angelo Ribezzi, which the artist dedicated to the Eur district, where he has always lived and which is very close.
Inside the magazine, also published a three page article.